Got Beef was recommended to me by a colleague because they have a ‘totes vegetarian’ night on Mondays. So on a rainy Monday evening, hubby and I popped down to Got Beef to try out their  vegetarian extravaganza. How amazing! A burger place that went entirely veggie for one night a week.

It quickly became apparent when we arrived that this was not the case – it’s meat every night of the week. However, there are vegetarian bean patties (aka The Lucky Cow) that can be fashioned into most of the meaty options available.  I’m not particularly interested in discussing the meaty menu, so I’ll just tell you what we had.

Currently on the specials menu is a PBNBJ (Peanut Butter and Beer Jelly) Burger.  What you get is a brioche bun, with a layer of crunchy PB, followed by a layer of lettuce, bean pattie, topped with cheese and then smothered in beer jelly.

I’m not a lover of peanut butter and jelly as a combo (I know, I’m a heathen) – I was taking a mighty risk, but oh what a risk worth taking!  It was lush!  I didn’t really believe that it would work, but take my word for it –  really did. The textures and flavour combos were fabulous and then finished off with the tiniest heat kick from the pattie itself. Loved it!  I now feel obliged to try a peanut butter and jelly sandwich again.  How did I get this so wrong?

We also had a side of halloumi fries with sechzuan sauce. Utterly delicious.  At £3.50 a pop a bit pricey?  But they tasted great.

It was raining, and we found the place a little dark and we’re very unsure about having our food served in what looks like an enamel dish that campers might use.  And dare I say it, the music was a bit edgy for us – but we’re oldies, so you’ll forgive us.

A delighter for me – and quite incongruous with its surroundings – was the china my tea was served in after the meal.  The music was all forgiven! I don’t know about totes veggie, it was totes wonderful and we definitely don’t got beef with Got Beef!