My head was pounding. We’re having the kitchen and spare bedroom painted and should have been going out for dinner to escape the fumes – but there was no way I was leaving the house with a thumping head. So hubby and daughter popped out to the award-winning Fintans in Victoria Park to source tasty chips.

I’d seen the place for  the first time previous week, when we visited The  Dough Thrower, and it looks like a high quality chippery (is that even a word?).  The menu is, I’d say,  better than your standard Fish n Chip shop. They’re pretty good about declaring where  the fish you eat has been sourced, and they use sustainable sources although as you know, I’m a vegetarian so won’t focus  on that too much!

From a veggie perspective I usually enjoy a pea fritter, but these don’t appear on the menu.  But battered cauliflower does! Being a batter fiend, I asked hubby to fetch me some of this to try!

It all started so well. Everything is cooked to order  and the food really is a feast for your eyes.  Unfortunately, with a thumping head, I forgot to take pictures! But let me confirm that the chips were chunky and cooked very well.  I loved that they were delivered in a bag rather than being wrapped in paper, as were the three battered cauliflower. These looked nothing short of magnificent in a battery kind of way. Much larger than I expected and something for a hungry vegetarian to really get stuck into!

Unable to wait, I picked up the largest piece and  tucked in. The first two bites were mouthwatering. Crispy batter and al dente  cauliflower. What’s not to like?

Uncooked batter. That’s what’s not to like. On my third bite, I found a gooey mess surrounding the cauliflower itself.  I think that the piece was so large that the batter hadn’t cooked quite  the way through.  It’s perfectly acceptable to expect some ‘sogginess’.  This is bound to happen as the batter meets moist veg – but this was definitely thick, uncooked batter.

Gutted. And I couldn’t eat another mouthful because I’d gone all girly and squeamish.

I can’t confirm this, but I do think that this was something of an anomaly. I’d chosen a large piece and suspect that it simply hadn’t quite cooked properly. If I’d had eaten a smaller piece first – I may well have gotten all the way through it. However, when ordering battered goods, I do like  the batter to be cooked regardless.

Would I go back? Definitely. I have to give this place the benefit of the doubt,  because when  it worked, it worked really well.

It’s also worth noting that the price of our dinner (Chips and curry sauce, Cheesy Chips and Chips with Battered Cauliflower) came to around £8. Had  the cauliflower been perfect, it would have been a bargain.