I’m a vegetarian that’s lived in Wales for 27  years ..  some of that time was spent in Cardiff as a student, then I moved around the various burbs – Roath, Cathays, Pontcanna and St Mellons before moving out the Valleys  for 18 years.

A child and a marriage later (both still with me!) we’ve just moved back into Cardiff as a family and are neatly tucked away on the edge of Canton, Llandaff and Pontcanna.

A part of the reason for moving back into what I think of as civilisation is the ability to walk to a shop, a drinkerie or an eaterie. I love being back, and so I’m documenting the love.

I seek out and eat the best vegetarian food in and around Cardiff; or where I am on any given day for  that matter.  Whilst I’d like all animal farming and eating to cease, I don’t preach and I don’t engage in discussion around my choices, or the choices of others.  I just want to eat tasty and diverse food.

Cardiff Vegi is not a professional blog and all of the food I eat is paid for. The venues I visit do not know I am going to review them and as Cardiff Vegi operates anonymously they don’t even know who I am (although one venue reviewed guessed who I was after my comments 😊).

If you’d like to read my posts – fantastic. If you don’t – well that’s fine too.