As a vegetarian living in Cardiff, I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been to Milgi on City Road just a handful of times.  For those who haven’t heard of it, it’s a vegetarian/vegan plant based restaurant and bar.

I have to be honest in saying that I don’t think ‘plant based’ sounds that enticing but I’m a rubbish vegetarian (I’d eat all of the little cute fluffies and sea-dwellers if I could get past the idea of eating another being).

Last Saturday I was determined to try a vegan cupcake from Blanche in Roath. But by the time we’d faffed about and walked the dog, it was nearer to lunchtime and I was starving and grumpy.  I’m no fun when I’m hungry.  Because we were on ‘that’ side of town – and because it’s within yards of Blanche, I persuaded hubby to buy me breakfast at Milgi.  Well it was that or 20  cupcakes all to myself!

Milgi wasn’t very full which was a surprise and relief.  We got a nice welcome and were told to sit wherever we’d like. Milgi has a lovely array of seating from the terribly comfy but awkward to eat off, to bar and stool, to the run of the mill table and chairs that we chose.

The breakfast menu is VERY good and I’ve added a picture so that you can see for yourselves.  Being entirely vegetarian, the menu gives so much choice – something I’m not really used to. Things are better than they used to be for us veggies, but I do love being able to eat anything on the menu!  Hubby chose the Milgi Breakfast whilst I went for the Indian Breakfast with scrambled eggs and a green tea.

We had to wait a while for our food, and I was almost chewing my arm off when it arrived, but you’ll know if you’ve read some of my other posts that when the food is fresh and delicious on arrival, I never mind waiting. This said,  I should apologise to hubby. After all, it’s only when delicious food has arrived that I stop minding.

His breakfast was huge and looked lovely.  And mind looked fantastic too.  I had Dahl, 2 Parathas, Tamarind Chutney and of course, my scrambled eggs.

Of course much of the dish is made from protein so the first thing to note is that it is extremely filling.  No eggs needed next time! The second thing is that it was utterly delicious.  The parathas were crispy and delicious when smothered in dahl and then drizzled with the chutney.  The dahl had a slight kick, but certainly wasn’t overly spicy and was perfect with the chutney.  I’ve never had Tamarind Chutney before.  It’s a very thin liquid and sweet to taste.

The whole dish was fun – I’m such a traditionalist in my own ways. Hubby couldn’t believe that I wasn’t having a standard breakfast. Neither could I, but it won’t be the last.  I want to go back .. now!

Before I finish up I do need to mention the smell. As I said earlier, I’m a rubbish vegetarian and if we were going to do stereotypes, I’m probably not very typical – you’ll never find an incense burner anywhere near me.  As we were sat waiting for our food,  I did say to hubby that I wasn’t keen on the over powering smells of place on this visit. And I blamed the insence burner at the front of the restaurant.   He just laughed.  On the blackboard above my head was an apologetic sign – kimchi was fermenting right behind my head!

Kimchi or not –  I’m going back for a replay soon!

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