Every Friday I get up super early to go to a business networking event.  By six pm I’m lolling about on the sofa, drooling and falling asleep. Hubby hates it, but never complains because needs must.

Last Friday was a lovely sunny evening and because it was a Bank Holiday weekend I had an extra day to recover. So we decided to pop down into Cardiff Bay and see the Poppies on Tour at the Senedd, which incidentally are beautiful and I’d highly recommend a visit whilst they’re still there.

We mooched around for a bit, reflected on the futility of war, had an ice-cream, went for a glass of wine at the semi-complete Exchange Hotel in the old Coal Exchange building and began moseying on back to our car.  As we passed through Mount Stuart Square, we came across what looked like Aladdin’s Cave at number 1 Mount Stuart Square.

Called Sunflower & I, it is a hybrid of a florist, music venue and café and is like nothing we have quite seen before.  Ram jam packed full of vintage goodies, a grand piano, comfy seating and, of course, flowers, it’s a delight that you could sit in the midst of for hours, constantly spotting different things. Chairs on the walls, floors painted to look like floorboards, ingenious menus that have been created from vintage books (my personal favourite!), trees bestowed with fairy lights. You name it. It’s there.

We met one of the owners, he is a musician and his partner is the florist.  They have been in business for five years, and in this location for the last three. What they’ve done, is create a space where their art can be appreciated and shared, with wine and tasty food. There’s an obvious Polish slant to the menu so we have assumed some Polish background …  but this may be wrong!

In our excitement, we unnecessarily bought a large cheeseboard which came furnished with six types of cheese (although we canned the Wensleydale and Cranberries and doubled up on the Cheddar) and lots of crackers. Perfectly delicious with Cheddar, Smoked Cheddar, Roquefort, Brie and Goats, but much too much for two of us. We’d have preferred less quantity with slightly grander cheese (stick Perl Las in and you’re onto a winner with me).

Alcohol is available, however we opted for tea and coffee. My breakfast tea was served in the most beautiful china teacup, which always makes a huge difference to me. Loved it! Next time I’m going to be brave and try the Nettle tea.

So many venues are a little run of the mill these days, but this place, when you clamber through all of the stuff and find a comfortable seat and meet the welcoming staff, and drink from beautiful china is utterly enchanting.

Sometimes, it really isn’t about the food  – and this place is a classic example.  It was well worth the pain of a late Friday night for me. Go find it!