I dip in and out of my blog a little bit. It’s probably not good practice but I don’t worry about it too much. Blog Poll

I’m a marketer by profession.  I have a raft of clients and manage their marketing for them on an ongoing basis. I’m quite specific – the business only takes on clients that we want to work with. I can’t afford to be that picky really, but how can you extol the virtues of something or someone you don’t believe in?

So I spend a huge portion of my time online and writing stuff. I love writing. Blogs, websites, brochures and more.  But I rarely get to write in my voice about things I love in my life. And so that’s why CardiffVegi exists.  I don’t have time for it really, but I do have love for it.  It is a place I can come and relax, write in whatever manner I choose about the things that I love most … mainly food and Cardiff although the daughter, the hubby and the dog may make occasional appearances.  I don’t necessarily expect people to engage or agree with me, although I love it when they do. I just want to write and upload my terrible photographs.

Last year, out of interest, I asked bloggers via Twitter why they blogged and the outcome surprised me.

68% said it was for pure enjoyment. I thought that I was the exception and that bloggers in the majority saw it as a future income source, but it appears not.  And the fact that so many write for pleasure made me smile happily (doesn’t happen often!).

I’d had also expected a higher percentage of bloggers would use their writing to promote their life choices.  That was silly. Why? Looking in from the outside, I’d expect CardiffVegi to be doing exactly that. Aggressively promoting vegetarianism. And whilst it does promote vegetarianism and Cardiff eateries that cater for us, I’d like to believe that it’s all very gentle. And so if I’m not doing it, why should I expect others to?

What CardiffVegi and these other blogs do, is allow their writers to be who they want to be and say what they want to say. A pretty full agenda!

Professional bloggers are great and have helped me massively at work, but it’s also good to know that CardiffVegi is not alone, or even in the minority. Sometimes, or even oftentimes, it’s all for the love of it. 😊