Ok, so my blog isn’t about promoting other businesses, it’s all for and about me …. but I’m going to tell you about a friend of mine.

Her name is Claire Davies and she’s a bit of a foodie.  She’s not  a vegetarian foodie, and so I wouldn’t usually mention her in my CardiffVegi blog, but she is so passionate about what she does, and she does it so well, that I decided that I’d write something about her.

Claire detests processed food. She believes its the cause of many illnesses and allergies and hasn’t eaten processed food herself for something like fifteen years.  And I agree with much of what she says – it can’t be good to put so many additives into our bodies.

So back in 2013, she started her own business from her kitchen in Tonyrefail. Appropriately its called Cooked From Scratch. No strapline needed as it does what it says on the tin.  Cooked From Scratch provides mealboxes, buffets for family and corporate events, dinner party menus, afternoon teas and as Claire’s background is as a trainer, she also runs classes (they’re very good, I’ve been on two bread making classes and a chocolate desserts class).

Everything made contains no processed food. The bread around the sandwiches and the chutney inside them are homemade, the pastry in your quiche is homemade, the pasta in your lasagne is homemade … and so on! She also offers an entirely organic version of her food too.

It may seem odd that as a vegetarian I’m here supporting Claire’s business because she uses meat.  Well, she’s my friend so  there is one reason why I’m writing about her. And whilst I would prefer that it was a vegetarian set up, her ethics and quality control dictate that she only uses outdoor bred and locally sourced meat.  So the animals within the food have at least had happy lives.  (She’d argue that if it wasn’t for this farming we’d never see domestic animals (my preference) and so  we don’t talk about it! But if they have to die, it is good to know that they have had a good life). Claire does advocate Meat Free Monday too in order to demonstrate how flexible food is and I love that she does this.

Claire made the Welsh cakes for my wedding and I’ve eaten copious amounts of her delicious food at business events and I used her ready meals when my husband was in hospital and recuperating so that I didn’t have to think about food, shopping or cooking. You really can tell the difference and one thing I’ve learnt is that cooking from scratch doesn’t is that when you  actually do it, it doesn’t have to take much longer than cooking with processed food.  And it’s so much better for you!

Really you ask? Think about bread. When your shop bought sliced loaf goes off it goes mouldy doesn’t it.  When you make your own bread it will go stale (hard), but never mouldy.  Now pop into the kitchen and look at the last loaf of bread you bought.  Bread ingredients are Flour, Water, Salt and Yeast.  What are the ingredients listed on the side of your sliced loaf packaging? I rest Claire’s case.

Claire delivers free of charge withing a 15 mile radius of Tonyrefail.


images courtesy of www.cookedfromscratch.co.uk and used shamelessly