Well, where to start!

Luvly Grub had been brought to my attention on Twitter and, I’m not going to lie, it probably wouldn’t have gotten my attention if it wasn’t for their conversations with trusted bloggers appearing in my feed. And then one day I  heard talk of deep fried halloumi burgers and basically, was sold. Then I discovered that waffles are on the menu too, and I’m a moth to a flame.

In the end, it took a few weeks thanks to timing (closing time is 3pm) and geography, but hubby and I finally made it down to Luvly Grub a couple of weeks ago.  In fact, I’d demanded it on a slow  Saturday morning when a hefty brunch was required.

We made our way over to Splott and nostagically passed many of my old student haunts before landing in front of the unmistakable bright pink and black frontage.  It looked busy, but a table was quickly cleared and, in fact, that  was a consistent the entire time we were there. One in, one out – always full.

I’d fully expected to order the holy grail of all things vegetarian – the deep fried halloumi burger, but for some unknown reason (or possibly just sick with hunger), ordered the veggie burger, which also comes with chips and I ordered a bottomless cup of  tea.  Hubby had a breakfast, but ignore that, this is all about me, me, me … and my food.

You have to wait for your food – it comes out freshly cooked and piping hot, so this is fine.  When the burger arrived, I wasn’t surprised because I’d seen so many images of giant Luvly Grub plates online. But I did wonder how on earth I was going to eat it! It really was mahoosive. So I decided to just cut it in half, and try to bite it.  I did. Again and again. And I demolished the delicious lot.

My veggie burger consisted of salad, a vegetable burger, a hash brown, cheese and a some kind of burger sauce.  I can’t tell  you what that was I’m afraid but it was tasty, not spicy in any way and not in excess.   Everything was beautifully cooked, including the chips and was all washed down with a second cup of tea. I would love to have tried one of the waffles but I just couldn’t budge!  The food was lovely.

Is it high end? No. That’s not what Luvly Grub is about.

Is it tasty, with plenty of volume and great value for money?  You bet.

And a quick word about the service.  I love good service and as I looked around, everyone in the room was enjoying suitable amounts of attention in a lovely, friendly and very pink environment.

I bludy luved it.