We visited family in Northampton on Sunday and so to avoid the journey there and back in a day, we stayed the night at  the Highgate House Hotel in Northampton.  It’s not the grandest hotel we’ve stayed in but it was convenient and had last minute availability so suited us fine.

And it  was quite nice.  We arrived late and so opted for a bar snack. I had the Feta and Tomato salad which sounded lovely, and indeed, tasted delicious. Not too large, not too small … as Goldilocks would say – it was just right.

During the night however,  I felt unwell and spent a good hour throwing up. Safe to say that my stomach was very empty the next morning. My husband was quite disappointed. Not that I’d woken him (and most likely our entire floor up!), but as you may have guessed, we eat out fairly regularly and this is becoming a reasonably common occurrence.  It never happens when I cook a meal, but sometimes after a takeaway or a meal like this, I get to see it twice!

So what might cause this? There seems to be no logic, no common denominator or ingredient that consistently makes this happen that we can think of.  I should point out that we haven’t analysed this in any great depth – it’s more a general discussion.

But one thing that has occurred to me is that it might perhaps be animal fat used where I’d least expect it.  In this lovely salad, there were very crispy croutons, some of which did have a little grease left of them. It wasn’t anything major. The croutons were crispy and tasty, but I have been wondering if they might have been cooked in animal fat.  The salad also comes with pesto which can often have Parmesan in it – however it is billed as vegetarian and I didn’t detect any Parmesan in the pesto dressing.

So my wonderance is this. Could a vegetarian of 35 years become intolerant to something like animal fat after such a long time of abstinence?   I’ve recently met an allergy specialist and am going to take this to her to see if it’s something we can work on.

I love eating out.  But I hate to see the same meal twice.